CAG Interim Meeting 1.5

Photo: Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Before I get started on updating the public on the interim meeting between the CAG (partial members of the CAG) and LA DPH, I need to disclose that the information below represents the views of Mike Kaiser, one of the CAG members serving presently on the Aliso Canyon Health Study.

The purpose of this special meeting was to review the original Community Advisory Group (CAG) Charter which was originated from the CAG over the last few weeks.  Specifically, CAG members wanted the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LA DPH) to not only recognize the document but to incorporate the document into their existing CAG Guidelines.  Which was completely reasonable in the search for transparency moving forward.

Originally, LA DPH gave the CAG members their version of 'guidelines' in the form of a handout -- which can be accessed by clicking the linked here.  As I stated earlier, in the beginning, during the formation of a Community Adviso…

The Aliso Canyon CAG has been finalized

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Over the last few months, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has been coordinating the formation of the Community Advisory Group (CAG).  The function of the group will be to serve as a conduit of information both to and from the community regarding the Health Study from the largest Natural Gas blowout in history from the Aliso Canyon Gas Facility located in Porter Ranch (California).

Specifically, determine why the public had symptoms and illnesses after the clean-up (i.e., inspection by LA DPH of the region) which are not supported by science.  Science on which the Department of Public Health had available regarding natural gas storage facilities and blowouts.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health has funds which were appropriated from the lawsuit with Southern California Gas and the government.  Of the total award of $113 million, $25 million was set aside for a Health Study to be conducted under the purview of LA DPH.  The history and background…